Spazms & Felafel Kebabs EP

by Hung Jury

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See that little girl, soon she'll be gone, And over her grave we'll sing her a song. Respect she'll receive, her memory rests at ease And hers she will remain until that day. I saw him walking down the street, No idea the fate he'd meet. Four years later over her grave, In he dug a shovel and disturbed her remains. Fuck law, there's more to life than right and wrong And fuck your bullshit orders, back and white borders You're fucking wrong. Your ideas that you're above all. And fuck you, you above all. See that little boy in his mothers arms, There he sits protected from harm. Care he receives, lives life at ease. And hers he will remain until that day. On a house upon a hill, there lives a man There he sits perfecting his plans. Till one day in a faraway place, He confronted her gun to her face and snatched him free.
They place themselves from town to town waiting there to grow like an evil scarf suffocating mind of the vulnerable and the slow and from every institution a friend is sent from door to door and for even more. It's the business of power and leadership investing in altering minds until everyones convinced that they must live between the lines. Till the leaders of your communities and powers they invest. They'll take your child and rape him fuck him in the box where you confess. Why are you not like me and why can you not see and how can this be good this fucked up industry? Where homosexuality is repulsive and is sin and little children are taught to always look up to him. And where every breath of life you take your leader you live to please and where "gluttony is a sin" but the whole system rests on it with ease.
Fuck the way we're walkways told, That we're to young, that we're too old Who decides what compromise is made for age. Fuck the was the war is fought, the fancy weapons for soldiers bought They don't blink, they don't think, and I think that fucking stinks. Nothing's right - it's easy to see If you're willing to look openly And it's your life, it's all up to you Just remember there's others here too Fuck the way in town at night, McDonalds is the only light And we're forced to eat their paper meat. Fuck the way big companies exploit us to gain money, It's not the way , yet we pay, supporting them every day Let's stop the world from raping us, lets stop the world from making us Into part of their machine Lets stop the way they've been fucking us, let's stop the way they're Stopping us Let's start to make things right
Politics and the world today are lame. Can't be bothered trying to argue 'cause it's all the same. My eyes ache, my head hurts, and my throat stings, This is how I feel so this is what I sing. Everyone has their off-days, let them suffer their own ways. 24 hours a new day, and I'll be fine. Off-days can get you down, don't let them let you drown Soon you'll be on the town. And off-days are just another day. Don't even try to understand what;s wrong, Feeling bad but inspired for this song, Hung over, but who his the piss? Don't wanna know about it cause ignorance is bliss.
Worldwide they globalize, fucked up organizations democratize. Labour at the bottom of their class, we'll fucking stick it up their ass. "Non-violence is the only way" - they should fucking listen to what the say, Blinded by what they've created - it's up to us to be liberated?? Try, Try and you'll succeed, fucking nationalists think through greed. Legalize, democratize, talking about shit they wont analyse And when you come up with a better way, then they pay for us to not fucking say. And when I think I put myself last, but higher than you Cannabis you jealous fucks, you're scared and impaired so you ban it from us. Terrorists attacks terrorize - it's all just a bunch of your bull shit lies. You join the army, buy their lies, slave away till they rank you high. Sick of the bottom of the pit - me and I is now where you sit. Happy with the way I live, I think of others and I'm happy to give, But the thought of you it makes me sick, all of you you fucking pricks. Fuck your ideas of rank and case and then you sit there on your ass and little children starve and die and it's still because you bought their lie. Capitalists have reached a new low - environmentalists working slow but quality is what we need in our lives, not a bunch of lies you help to disguise. Media constantly making me feel like shit, and I know I don't gotta take any of it. But perfect bodies on magazine racks, it's hard not to notice that I'm not like that. Your shit ideas are responsible for anyone supposedly clinically unstable. What is right and what is wrong? How the fuck can you go on with this shit so long? And one day you might wake up just like me and find out that you're in the wrong.



released July 1, 2002


all rights reserved



Hung Jury Wellington, New Zealand

Hung Jury are a punk band from Wellington, New Zealand, formed late 2001.

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